How to order

Placing an order with  is a simple four step-process.

Step 1:    Selection of your products

When you find an item that you wish to purchase, click on the add to basket button  .  This will add the item to your  shopping basket.  When you click on the viewbasket icon,   , it will display details for selected articles within the basket by the product reference, quantity and price .You can at any time change or delete your selection by pressing the eye  button

When you are done shopping, use check out button.

Step 2:    Check Out

Choose your shipping method and region. When you select shipping method, either standard (priority colis postal) or express by FedEx, the corresponding shipping rate will be automatically added into your bill.

Enter your billing address. If your shipping address is not the same as your billing address, check the appropriate box and follow the instruction. If you have more than one shipping address, you need to place a separate order for each shipping address.  We strive to deliver your package at the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.  Given relatively high base rate for each international expedition, we propose a global shipping rate for total weight of ordered merchandise per shipping  to our customer.

Step 3:    Billing Information

The entire billing process is monitored through a SSL encrypted secure server,    

Select one of three credit-card payment options: American Express  , Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa.

        If you do not have a credit card or prefer other payment options, please contact us  so we can arrange other payment options.

We can accept payments only in euros

Step 4:    Confirm your order

Before you finalize your order, you can review your order details.  You can add or modify your order at any time during the check-out process.  Once you confirmed your information, click the submit the order button.  We will send you  an order confirmation via e mail .