Shipping costs depend  on the destination of the product, the weight or dimension of package, and selected shipping method.  If you want to know an exact shipping rate, simply put an item into your basket and select your shipping preference and destination.. Our server will instantaneously calculate your shipping rate. 

The following table is to provide you with a rough estimation of delivery time with exception to certain countries within the same zone or even within the same country. If you made a rush order or want your ordered items to be delivered at the specific period, please let us know.  We will be happy to accommodate your wish whenever it is possible for us to do so.

Estimated delivery times


(French Postal Service)

(UPS Express)

Zone 1 : Western Europe:

7 to 10 days

1 to 2 days

Zone 2 : Eastern Europe

9 to 13days

2 to 3 days

Zone 3 : North America

10 to 13 days

1 to 2 days

Zone 4 : South America

11 to 14 days

1 to 5 days

Zone 5 : East Asia/South East Asia/Oceania

12 to 15 days

2 to 5 days

Zone 6 : South Asia/Middle East

11 to 14 days

2 to 5 days

Zone 7: Africa/ Central Asia

12 to 18 days

1 to 6 days

Zone 8 : Caribbean and the rest of the world

12 to 18 days

3 to 8 days

Note: Delivery times include business days only.  If you or the recipient of the package is absent at the time of delivery, you will receive a note asking to contact the carrier and  to arrange for a re-delivery. In this case, the UPS will make two subsequent deliveries and keep your package at their distribution center up to 2 or 3 weeks. You can also assign someone else to receive the package on your behalf or make an instruction to be delivered to your work. 

For other subjects related to shipping and delivery, please refer to our Customer Care section on the top of the page.