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We have selected France and French culture oriented sites  that feature current news, cultural events, language, gastronomy, home,fashion, and other information from and about France

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French Press

§        Le Monde : French daily Newspaper Politics, Society, Sports

§        Tocqueville Connection: Source for French news and analysis.

§        Le Parisien : Daily newspaper

§        Paris Match : France's major news and entertainment weekly (in French)

Online Magazines & Newsletters

§        Paris Voice : Online magazine for English speaking Parisans and wannabe Parisians. Nightclubbing, concerts, T.V., Art, cinema, music, classified ads, chat, and a forum

§        Franceandus - Offers French products, trip-planning software, books, music, videos, and travel necessities.

§        The News - For English-speaking residents and lovers of France

§        Insider paris Guide. - Insider Guides to Paris and France: restaurants, bistrots, hotels, apartments, property, biking, working and living in France, Gay Paris, Black Paris, Jewish Paris, practical answers, writers, healt.

§        Les Pages de Paris The Paris Pages -The Online Reference for the City of Light - Since 1994..

§        Paris In Sites - Newsletter – Direct From France Edited by Linda Thalman Home | Current Newsletter Issue | Book Store | Readers' Comments | Travel Articles | Food in France Travel Tips & Extracts

§        Paris Woman Journal: For women living and networking in Paris - Paris Woman Journal provides information that enabling women in the English-speaking community to live, network, and work comfortably in Paris

§        paris-anglo.com : eat. drink. work. play. understand.... - City guide for residents and visitors, including pictures, travelers and expatriates information,...

§        Parler Paris Bi-Monthly Newsletter France - Insider Newsletter to Paris and France, events, tours, French language learning, apartments, rentals, accommodation, restaurants, biking, clubs, museums and shops...

§        Metropole Paris : Weekly online magazine about Paris. Interesting articles and practical information for visitors

§        Journalfrancais.com : On line version of the most widely read French language newspaper in the U.S

§        Vive la France : Variety of topics covering from daily living in Paris, unusual travel destinations in France and more.

§        This City Paris : The insider's magazine for the season's most important Paris events : fashion, art, gastronomy and style in Paris.

§        Agence France-Presse (AFP)  - French newswire service that distributes news feeds in multiple languages; bureaus and offices worldwide.

§        About Label France : Distributed by the French Diplomatic Service in nine language versions.  Exclusive articles on every aspect of France today (society, the economy, arts and show business, tourism, books, co-operation, science and technology, sport, life-styles, etc).

Travel Guides

§        Bonjourlafrance.net : Latest Travel News Specials from France   travel, lodging, tourist information, reservation, travel tips and shopping

§        About Provence, a view of the south of France : a site that highlights the treasures of this region in the south of France. We give you in-depth information about towns and villages in the place-of-the-month.

§        Apartment Rentals Paris France Rendez-vous a Paris : Paris apartments rentals short term with Rendez-vous a Paris France.

§        C'est La Provence. : Un voyage touristique et culturel en Provence, pour découvrir une nature restée vierge, des villages pittoresques, leurs habitants et leurs traditions, des artisans et leurs produits. Noël en Provence.

§        Chateau de Fontenay : French castle Loire Valley rent castle in France.

§        Panache! Tours: : custom-designed, private sightseeing tours of Paris, Normandy and day trips from Paris..

§        Internet French Property: Real Estate in France : French property for international clients. Search properties by price, location and dates.

§        French Connections - Holidays in France - Vacation rentals - Self catering ... : Hundreds of French holiday homes on line, from a cottage to a chateau, plus real estate for sale throughout France.

§        French Wine Explorers: : wine tours of France, led by wine experts, with tastings at France's best chateaus and domaines

§        Ode to Aude - a vacation rental guide to the real "south of France" : Vacation properties to rent in the Aude, in Languedoc, in the south of France.

§        Paris apartment rentals : Paris vacation apartments rentals in France.

§        Paris guide - Le Club Paris : le city-guide de luxe sur Paris : Welcome to Paris ! Le Club Paris is the luxury city-guide about Paris..

§        Paris Hotel Guide, France : All hotels in Paris, France. Free booking service for all hotels in Paris. Cheap or exclusive, discount accomodation available..

§        Travel to France France Vacations Tours and Paris Hotels : We are specialists travel to France. We provide active and unique France vacations like bicycle tours and walking tours throughout France.

§        Wine, seminars, tours in France Fugues en France : Discovering tastes, flavours and colours of France with French experts: Wine and Gastronomy Tours Version française

§        Rentals France : All accommodation in France, from a Paris Apartment to a château in Provence.

§        1st Vacations.com : Vacation Rentals, Tours, Hotels, Bookings and much more.

§        FranceVoila.com : Directory and Newsletter for travelers to France and everyone who loves France.

§        FRANCE On Your Own : Illustrated quarterly print newsletter for independent travelers to France.

§        Au Château - the Ultimate Lodging Experience in France : Your on line guide to the world of luxurious and historic château accommodations in France.

§        virtual tour to historical Paris Bridges and Fountains. : Virtual walks in the heart of Paris!.

French Gastronomy

§        France Gourmet Tradition : French traditional products as well as of the best gastronomical specialities, delivers home to caviar, truffles, foie gras and fine wines direct from France

§        Provence Gourmet : Specialized in Provençal Gastronomy

§        Les Paniers Bretons : Discover all the gastronomic and fine craft treasures of the Brittany: olive oils, spices, fine chocolates, numbered earthenware pieces, traditional recipes

§        Les Délices du Net: Provides original French gastronomic products

Selected Recipes

§        Receptionfrance.com: Online cooking lessons from great French chefs on video and english recipes.

French Cheese & Wine

§        Fromages.com: Cheese on cheeses Recipes, articles, attractions, monthly journal, a treasure trove of information on cheeses. ...

French Home

§        Au Violon Dingue: Faience from Moustiers: When one speaks of ceramic in Provence, it is useful to remember that a long tradition is perpetuated there since the neolithic provencal. 1679, in Moustiers in France, when the pottery became faience..

§        Santons Didier: Hand made traditional French santon dolls and accessories for sale by Santons Didier with the history of the santons.

Fashion and Beauty

§        Elle: Founded in 1945, Elle is the most prestigious and influential of the women's magazines, covering women's issues and fashion.

§        Fashion Service: Fashion trends displayed and sold in retail stores in all major European cities.

Francophones, Francophiles Communities

§        Alliance Française: affiliated with worldwide network of organizations dedicated to education, understanding and promotion of French language, culture and education.

§        Alliance Française de Washington, DC: Cultural and educational association offering courses, activities and French Newsletter online with audio capability and glossary

§        Le contact: Directory of select US sites and sites for french speakers and francophiles. Variety of Canadian, French, Haitian and American sites

§        Santa Barbara French Festival: The largest French Celebration in Western U.S.: food, music, cancan, Poodle Parade, dance, Eiffel Tower, free admission.

§        Paris et moi - Paris through: personal photos, original subjects of visits, songs with extracts and words, paintings, good plans...

§        Interfrench: Réseau pour les francophones et francophiles de la région de San Francisco : renseignements, informations pratiques et adresses utiles, recherche d'emploi, calendrier des réunions et des manifestations.

Language Resources

§        AltaVista Translations : Translate web sites or typed text to/from a variety of languages.

§        Online Language Dictionaries and Translators : Contains links to language dictionaries and translators, many of which are searchable

§        French4u : The French language learning Newsletter

§        French phrases for better vacations and business.. : French phrases can be learned just before you travel and help break the ice on vacations and business. Download and learn easily...

§        Learn French and German language. : Learn French or German language for holidays, vacations or business.

§        Learningfrench.com. : Learningfrench.com presents Bien-dire Magazine : learn French language with a journal from France.

§        The French Class : The French Class is a school for learning French language and culture in a fun environment. It also provides translation services.

§        Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

§        Larousse Multimédia Encyclopédique

§        Champs-Elysées Inc. : publishers of monthly audiomagazines on CD and cassette aimed at English speakers learning French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

§        Tell me more French : A complete language learning method on CD-ROM teaching oral/written expression, comprehension, pronunciation, in an interactive dialogue with the user's PC

§        Un mot pour vous :This site sends an unusual French word, as well as its definition and examples of usage, to interested Francophiles daily

Other Links

§        French Bookstores for all : Fun and Educational Audiovisual Products - Educational Material for Teaching -Gifts and Games.