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French Tablecloths and Luxury Table Linens: Typo & Calligraphy

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Kitchen towels & aprons

Typo & Calligraphy: Kitchen towels and aprons

Linen/cotton, coloured warp, coloured weft

Easy care and machine washable.

Typo & Calligraphy table linens are available in Talc,Fig,Citron, Gentian

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Kitchen towel (24" x 31 " - 60 cm x 80 cm) 
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Apron (31" x 31" - 80 cm x 80 cm) 
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Typo & Cllligraphy Talc Table Linen Typo & Calligraphy Fig Table Linen Typo & Calligraphy, Citron & Gentian Table Linen