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ART NOUVEAU & ART DECO Designs: Lamps and Glassware

Art Nouveau designs:

Geofrey Warren captured the essence of Art Nouveau with the words: "Think of a sensuous line: of a flowing line: a line which bends and turns back on itself. Think of the feminine form, rounded and curving. Think of plant forms growing and burgeoning. Think of flowers in bud, in over-blown blossom, as seed pods. Think of ....waves, think of women's hair, think of twisting smoke."

Our lamps and glassware use the wealth of Art Nouveau inspiration, a movement in the decorative arts between 1890-1914 which was arisen in reaction to 19th century Victorian tradition.

The featured collection reflects both style and feel of this fashion era, in its sinuous form, elegant contour and popular theme derived from nature. Nuances of colors and soft glow is based on the famous French glass making technique, consisted of pāte de verre, known as "glass paste"

Manufactured from the most ancient French glass maker (le Maītre Verrier d'Art de France) founded in 1475, each glass piece is hand blown and hand made with exquisite details engraved on crystalline.

Their glass lamps, vases, flower pots and eggs are perfect items of collectable beauty and delightful "fit" in virtually any interior setting of your home or office.

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