How SP Plus works?
You are now connected to the Caisse díEpargneís
SP Plus server. This server is independent
and has no relation to the trader site.

On this server, you will first be asked to choose
which means of payment you wish to use.

You will be given the choice between payment
by cheque or by credit card. In the future, other means
of payment will be possible (direct debit,
electronic wallet, private cardsÖ)

If you have chosen to pay by cheque
SP PLUS will help you fill in the form that you just print
and send by post to the indicated address,
enclosing your cheque.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card
SP Plus will prompt you to enter the information
necessary for the handling of your payment.
You can communicate this information with total
confidence because the transfer towards our server
is secured.
It will be treated by our monetary services that
handle millions of transactions every year.
You will be notified the moment your transaction
is accepted. Your supplier will also receive notification,
and can then, according to his sales terms,
execute delivery.
Your PIN Code will not be asked for, donít give it

Still uncertain?
If you suspect fraudulent use of your credit card,
you should inform your bank immediately.
According to the regulations, your bank will cancel
the transaction providing the following two conditions
have been respected:

1.Tthat you havenít communicated your PIN code.
The PIN code is not required in the type of transaction
we propose.
2. Of course presuming the merchandise has not
been delivered to your address.
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How SPPlus