The information that you communicate to us to make your payment will be secured during transfer using
SSL Protocol. It will remain unknown to the merchant.
It will then be processed by the financial services
of the Caisse díEpargne, which today handles
millions of monetary transactions.

Still uncertain?

Then read on:
If you suspect fraudulent use of your credit card,
you should inform your bank. According to the
regulations, your bank will cancel the transaction providing the following two conditions
have been respected:

1. That you havenít communicated your PIN code.
The PIN code is not required in the type of transaction
we propose.
2. Of course presuming the merchandise has not
been delivered to your address.

Are you ready for SSL?
You are about to communicate your credit card number.
If you have never done so on Internet, read this page
Before entering information about your credit card,
you need to make sure that your browser allows
secured transactions,

The following software features secured transaction possibilities:
Microsoft Internet Explorer,
version 3.02 or more recent.

Nestcape Communicator,
version 2.0 or more recent.

If you have an earlier version of your browser,
download an update from the Nestcape or Microsoft site.

While you are typing your card information
(number, expiration date) one of the images
at the bottom of the screen ensures that it is being
encoded during the transfer to the payment server.
This coding guarantees the confidentiality of your data.
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