With SP Plus,
the Caisse díEpargne
respect your privacy
on SPPlus



How SPPlus
Welcome to the Caisse
díEpargne groupís SP Plus
on-line payment service!

The FICOMEX SA has chosen to entrust
the handling of its on-line payments
to Caisse díEparne, through SP PLus
SP PLus is Universal because its purpose is
to accept an optimal number of payment options.

SP Plus is Secure because it was conceived
to minimize distance payment risks.

You donít feel comfortable giving out your banking
information to unknown companies who are not entitled
to handle financial operations? You are absolutely right!
Epro is an established financial institution, committed
to handling your payment transaction in total safety
and with complete confidentiality. All risk of fraud
is eliminated.

The payment information that you communicate to us
is secured during transfer using SSL Protocol.
It remains unknown to the merchant. It is then treated
by the financial services of the Caisse díEpargne,
which today handles millions of monetary transactions.

For more
on the security

In our agreement with your trader, we are committed
to the principle of the separation of the financial aspect
from the commercial aspect.

Accordingly, in an electronic transaction, just as
the merchant doesnít need to know your banking
particulars, it is not the bankís role to know the content
of your purchases.

We guarantee that only your retailer will know the details
of your purchase. He gives us only the minimum
information necessary to complete the transaction, e.g.
the total amount and the corresponding order number.