In our agreement with your trader, we are committed
to the principle of the separation of the financial
aspect from the commercial aspect.
Accordingly, in an electronic transaction, just as
the merchant doesn’t need to know your bank details,
it is not the bank’s role to know the details
of your purchases.

We guarantee that only your retailer will know the
details of your purchase. He gives us only the
minimum information necessary to complete the
transaction, e.g. the total amount of your purchase
With SP PLus, the Caisse d’Epargne and FICOMEX SA
respect your privacy.

The personal data collected is necessary
for the processing of your order.
It is communicated to third parties only to satisfy
the requirements of laws and regulations, or to aid
affiliated partners in the handling of your transaction.

In compliance with the freedom of information
and consumer protection law, the customer has
the right of access to and modification of any stored
personal details concerning him.

The Caisse d'Epargne reserves the right to use
the information itself for promotional offers unless
you express your objection.
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